Corona Infection Simulation

تعليمات الاستخدام 1-  تحديد عدد الأشخاص التي تود انشاءهم في البيئة الافتراضية 2- تحديد درجة مناعة وقوة الاختلاط بين الأشخاص حسب المخطط في الأسفل 3- الضغط على Simulate يمكنك الرجوع لتعديل الاعدادات مناعة عالية واختلاط قليلمناعة متوسطة واختلاط عاديمناعة قليلة واختلاط كبير

Residential Building

Resident Building simulation, developed as a demo for ReaManager system, the demo contains a five floors of a residential building, where the user can search for appropriate apartment based on his need (budget, space, rooms) to make interactive tour inside the selected apartment and get information it. Real Estate Management & Marketing Platform

Villa Simulation (VR)

Villa simulation, using Virtual Reality Headset, developed as a demo for ReaManager system, the villa contains a garden with two floors, where the user can make a virtual walk-through inside and outside the villa, in addition to change the time of the day, with floors customization system.

3D Social Network

3D Social Network through web browser, customized for Arab American University- Jenin. The users can make an online account and select an avatar to make a virtual tour, in addition, the users can interact with each other through chatting and meet each other inside the campus in real-time. The campus is developed to provide information…